Most interesting man in the world quote

Most interesting man in the world quote

What does the most interesting man in the world say?

Since 2006, Jonathan Goldsmith has played The Most Interesting Man In The World in a popular series of ads for Dos Equis. His catchphrase — “I don’t always drink beer. But when I do , I prefer Dos Equis” — has worked its way into Internet culture.

Who is the real most interesting man in the world?

He appeared in several TV shows from the 1960s to the 1990s. He is best known for appearing in television commercials for Dos Equis beer, from 2006 to 2016, as the character The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Jonathan Goldsmith
Years active 1963–present
Spouse(s) Barbara Goldsmith (2006)
Children David Goldsmith

Who is the new most interesting man in the world?

Dos Equis , the beer company famous for branding the “most interesting man in the world,” is replacing the iconic character. The new “most interesting man” will be 41-year-old French actor Augustin Legrand .

What is the last name of the most interesting man in the world?

Jonathan Goldsmith , a Bronx native and a lifelong actor, has played more than 400 roles across television, film, and theater, but that’s probably not how you recognize him. For 10 years, he was the face of a famous Dos Equis campaign that dubbed him “the most interesting man in the world.”

What does Equis stand for?

Product of: Mexico Originally called ‘Siglo XX’ – ‘siglo’ is Spanish for century and the two ‘X’ Roman numerals represent the beer being named to commemorate the new, as then 20th, century. The modern Dos Equis name means ‘two Xs’.

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Who says stay thirsty friends?

Goldsmith has been appearing in Dos Equis commercials as “the Most Interesting Man in the World” for about nine years. He usually is seen sitting at a table with a group of women before uttering the beer’s slogan, “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

Who is the most interesting woman in the world?

25 Most Impressive Women in the World Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu is a Chinese-American woman born in NYC. Priyanka Chopra. Greta Thunberg. Hillary Clinton. Oprah Winfrey. Miley Cyrus. Angelina Jolie. Kamala Harris.

How can I be the most interesting person in the world?

Read on for ways to convince other people — and more importantly, yourself — that you’re a fascinating human being. Develop new skills. Be curious. Learn how to tell a good story. Have three good stories ready to share. Listen and show compassion. Ask good questions. Say what you think. Follow your interests.

What does the most interesting man in the world drink?

When Jonathan Goldsmith retired as Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World , he didn’t stop being interesting .

Where is Equis made?

Dos Equis, Tecate, and Sol are all produced by Heineken-owned Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, based in Monterrey, Mexico . The brewery was founded in 1890 and currently operates in several locations throughout Mexico : Monterrey, Guadalajara , Toluca, Tecate, Orizaba, and Meoqui.

What does stay thirsty mean?

To be thirsty means to be empty.

Where is Jonathan Goldsmith now?

After he retired from his showbiz career, he found success in a network marketing company for waterless car-wash products. Jonathan found himself on stages in a brand new way and spoke all over the globe.

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How do you pronounce Equis?

The letter ‘X’ ( equis , pronounced e-kees) and its phonetical discrepancies in Spanish.

Is Dos Equis a good beer?

A crisp, refreshing, light-bodied malt-flavored beer with a well-balanced finish. A Lager that drinks like a Pilsner.

How do you spell Doseki beer?

Dos Equis (“Two X’s”) is a Mexican beer made by the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery . It was originally called “Twentieth Century” (Siglo XX ). There are several types of Dos Equis beer .

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