I am not an animal quote

I am not an animal quote

Who said I am not an animal?

100 Movie Quotes: John Merrick: “I am not an animal ! I am a human being. I am a man.” – Nominated.

Who wrote the Elephant Man?

What is the Elephant Man movie about?

Why was the Elephant Man filmed in black and white?

The first thing you will notice about The Elephant Man is that it is filmed in black and white . This decision, one that we rarely see today, makes the film immediately unique. It stands out because without the distraction of color, the picture is more direct and engaging.

Where is the Elephant Man?

The skeleton of Joseph Merrick, known as the Elephant Man, has been preserved at the Royal London Hospital ever since 1890, the year of his death.

What was elephant man’s name?

How does the elephant man end?

Merrick, and he came to the ultimate conclusion that, upon dislocating his neck through the sheer weight of his own head, “Thus it came about that his death was due to the desire that had dominated his life—the pathetic but hopeless desire to be ‘like other people’.”

What is the Elephant Man rated?

How long is the Elephant Man?

Who played the nurse in The Elephant Man?

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

Anthony Hopkins Dr. Frederick Treves
Nula Conwell Nurse Kathleen
Tony London Young Porter
Alfie Curtis Milkman
Bernadette Milnes 1st Fighting Woman

When was the Elephant Man released?

Who directed Elephant Man?

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