How do you quote a tweet

How do you quote a tweet

How do u quote a tweet?

On the Twitter Website Click on the tweet you want to quote tweet . Click on the icon, and two options will show Retweet and Quote Tweet . Select Quote Tweet . A dialog box should pop up, in which you could type the comment you want to add to your quote tweet on the text box.

How do you quote a tweet without retweeting?

This has confused a lot of Twitter users, who believe they can only quote tweet now. This is not true! Users can still retweet without having to quote tweet . To do so, simply click the retweet button again and the retweet will go through as normal.

How do you reply tweet with a quote tweet?

When you reply to a comment or forum post, look at the bottom of the box surrounding the post you want to quote in your reply and click the ” Quote ” button. This will set up a reply box for you to type your own response under the quote and will add a tag above the quote saying who originally wrote it.

Should I reply or quote tweet?

Quote Tweeting : How to Retweet a Post & Add Your Thoughts And in that case, you might want to do quote tweet . This is when you would retweet a post from another Twitter user and add a comment to the conversation. Unlike a reply , these posts will show up on the main section of your Twitter profile.

How do beginners use twitter?

Twitter for Beginners : The Complete Guide Step 1: Set Up Your Profile. Choose your profile name (aka handle). Step 2: Follow Some People. This is important for two reasons. Step 3: Understand the Twitter Lingo. Step 3: Decide What Content to Tweet About. Step 4: Join Trending Hashtags. Step 5: Maintain Your Channel.

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Can someone see if you quote their tweet?

If the person whose tweet is being quoted is a follower of the person quoting their tweet , yes they are going to see the notification. If the person whose tweet is being quoted IS NOT a follower of the person quoting the tweet , then they won’t get any notification, neither see what the quote added is.

What does quote tweet mean?

A quote tweet is a retweet that has been made with a comment. It is different to a regular retweet because it will shown to your followers along with your comments. It starts a new thread that people can retweet and like separate to the original tweet . Here is an example of a basic tweet .

Why do artists not like quote retweets?

Share All sharing options for: Artists are irked by Twitter’s change to retweets . Artists on Twitter have a request: stop quote -tweeting their work. Artists say quote tweets take attention away from their profiles, making it harder for them to be discovered, while someone else gets the glory.

What does embedding a tweet mean?

An embedded Tweet includes photos, video and cards media created for display on Twitter , and can even stream live video from Periscope. An embedded Tweet consists of two parts: An HTML snippet hosted in your web page, and the Twitter for Websites JavaScript to transform that code into a fully-rendered Tweet .

How do you reply to a different tweet?

This is a direct response to a tweet another user has made. Find the Tweet you want to reply to. Hover over the bottom left hand corner of the tweet . Click or tap the reply icon. A compose box will pop up, type in your message and click or tap Reply to post it.

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How do you reply to a tweet with a direct message?

To reply to a mention/ tweet with direct message , click on that mention and choose Reply in DM tab.

Who sees my tweets?

When you sign up for Twitter , your Tweets are public by default; anyone can view and interact with your Tweets . Should you choose to protect your Tweets , you can do so through your account settings.

How do you tweet to someone?

To send a tweet to someone , type the person’s username in the format “@username” (without quotes). Enter the username at the beginning of the tweet to send an @reply, or enter it within the tweet to send a mention.

What is twitter etiquette?

Beyond Twitter’s standard Terms of Service, Twitter etiquette is simple: Be genuine and non-deceptive and provide value. Otherwise, just use Twitter how it suits you. Beyond the simple regulations, you can’t really use Twitter in a right or wrong way because no two people use it for exactly the same reasons.

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