Tardis bigger on the inside quote

Tardis bigger on the inside quote

How is the Tardis bigger on the inside?

The official explanation, they note, that the alien Doctor gives to puzzled companions is that the TARDIS is “dimensionally transcendental.” That means that the inside and the outside of the ship exist in separate dimensions. Dimensions allow scientists to locate something in space and time.

What does the sign on the Tardis say?

In “Turn Left” (2008), the “Police Box” sign and all other text on the TARDIS is shown as replaced with the words “Bad Wolf”, as is all text in the universe; this is interpreted by the Doctor as an urgent warning concerning the end of the universe.

Is it possible to build a Tardis?

So although building a TARDIS is mathematically possible , the materials with the necessary properties to open up a hole through space-time and also withstand a jump through it are merely theoretical. That doesn’t mean that such materials couldn’t one day be produced, but it’s not clear at this time how to do that.

What rooms are in the Tardis?

Bedrooms Romana’s Room . Empty Room . Adric’s Room . Bed Room . Tegan’s Room . Turlough’s Room . Nyssa’s Room . Planet of Fire.

What is the doctor’s real name?

The Doctor will never have a real name other than “The Doctor ” and whatever aliases he assumes (i.e. “John Smith”). In the mythos of the show, River Song knows his real name . One would presume The Master, who was his childhood friend, would know his name .

Why is it called a Tardis?

In the first serial, “An Unearthly Child”, Susan Foreman claims, “I made up the name TARDIS from the initials, Time And Relative Dimension In Space.” Wikipedia states the TARDIS is a Type 40 TT capsule (TT meaning Time Travel).

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Does the Tardis fly or teleport?

It would look like slow teleportation , but the way it works is different. But yes, it does kida always fly , no matter if its in real space or the time vortex. So Harkness can both time travel and teleport , while the tardis only flies .

Did the doctor steal the Tardis?

Stealing a TARDIS The Doctor was shown stealing a Type 40 TARDIS from Gallifrey in The Name of the Doctor . A row of cylinder shaped structures were shown, presumably the cylinder structure was the default style for TARDISes/TT Capsules.

Does the Tardis change with each doctor?

It’s stablished in I don’t remember which chapter, that the control room of the TARDIS changes to match the personality and taste of each incarnation of the Doctor . The TARDIS does this automatically and has stored every main control room that the Doctor used or will use.

Is the Tardis alive?

The TARDIS is actually alive . In the episode The Doctor’s Wife, we see its “soul” possessing Idris, a human woman. TARDISes are grown. The degree of The Doctor’s TARDIS ‘ sentience varies depending on the season.

How did they make the Tardis sound?

The wheezing of the TARDIS was actually generated when Brian Hodgson, then the studio manager at theRadiophonic Workshop, dragged one of his house-keys along the strings of a broken piano. So we put that in.” The sound was generated using a broken-down piano frame.

Can the Tardis talk?

2 Answers. At the end of The Doctor’s Wife, the TARDIS points out that she will never be able to personally speak to The Doctor as a stand-alone, sentient being. However, we have already seen that the TARDIS is capable of interacting in the form of an image of a person, in a form of voice-activated interface.

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What does the doctor call the Tardis?

The Doctor’s TARDIS — also called the Ship, the Box, and simply the TARDIS (PROSE: Time and Relative, COMIC: Food for Thought) — was the Doctor ‘s primary means of transport. It was capable of travelling through space and time.

Where is the Tardis?

Yes! You can see the tardis on Google Maps and even have a walk around inside. It is currently parked on the pavement at 238 Earl’s Court Road in London , just outside the underground.

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