Quote from the movie the help

Quote from the movie the help

What is the famous line from the movie The Help?

The Help Quotes . “and that’s when I get to wondering, what would happen if I told her she something good, ever day?” “Ever morning, until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, “Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today?”

What is the quote from the help you is smart?

” You Is Smart , You Is Kind, You Is Important”

What does Mae Mobley say in the help?

Aibileen tells her that; “you is kind, you is smart, you is important.”. Mae Mobley loves Aibileen very much and one day she affectionatly tells Aibileen, “You’re my real mama Aibee.”

What does aibileen say to hilly at the end of the help?

But since Elizabeth doesn’t realize a section of the book is about her, and Aibileen doesn’t want it revealed, Hilly wins. Aibileen and Mae Mobley say their goodbyes, with Mae repeating “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”

Why did Minny put poop in the pie?

This act of subversion also targets Hilly’s racist belief that black people carry diseases. In essence, by feeding Hilly two slices of excrement pie without her getting sick, Minny illustrates in a decidedly extreme way the simple truth that black people do not carry racially-specific diseases.

Why does Miss Hilly mark the toilet paper?

After the introduction at Aibileen’s house, we see Miss Hilly drawing pencil marks on the toilet paper . This is so she knows if Minny is using the inside toilet or the outside one like she’s supposed to.

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Is the help a true story?

Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 novel told a fictional story . So, The Help is not inspired by a true story of an ambitious writer in the 1960s, who publishes a book with multiple stories of black maids. So, The Help is considered a work of fiction.

Who said you are kind you smart?

Quote by Kathryn Stockett : “You is kind. You is smart.

How does aibileen finally get Mae Mobley to use the toilet?

Eventually , Aibileen comes up with a solution. When Elizabeth leaves to get her hair done, Aibileen takes Mae Mobley to the outdoor bathroom and quickly shows her how to use the toilet . Mae Mobley is thrilled and immediately uses the same toilet .

Does Celia Foote ever have a baby?

Celia is shown as not very worldly, but gentle and sweet towards Minny. She tells Minny that she married Johnny because she was pregnant. A month later, she had a miscarriage. She had also lost two other babies .

Why did Leefolt hit Mae Mobley?

Minny calls and tells her that Miss Hilly is putting her mother into a nursing home so she has to find a new job. When Aibileen picks her up to console and protect her from her mother, Mae Mobley hits her against the ear.

Does Charlotte Phelan died in the help?

Skeeter’s mother, Charlotte is an old-fashioned Southern woman who tries to persuade her daughter to conform to gender norms. Though dying of cancer, Charlotte is a fighter and is still alive at the end of the novel.

Why does hilly fire Minny?

Minnie Jackson is a 33-year-old African American maid who is best friends with Aibileen Clark. Minny eventually worked for Hilly , a mean and racist white woman but her 60-year-old mother, Missus Walters, likes Minny . She gets fired by Hilly for using her inside bathroom when there was a thunder-storm.

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Why did Celia give Hilly a check?

Hilly notices a check that Celia has written to reimburse Hilly for ripping her dress – the check is made out to “Two-Slice Hilly .” (Written from the perspective of Skeeter.) Skeeter calls Elaine Stein to check in about the manuscript, which she plans to send it in January.

Why does Minny leave her husband?

Leroy is fired because Hilly’s husband told his boss to do so. Minny finds the strength to leave her husband’s abuse, especially because she has a way to support herself by working for Celia. She moves to her sister’s house and begins building her new life, as well.

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