If you can dodge a wrench quote

If you can dodge a wrench quote

Who said if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball?

Patches O’Houlihan : If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

What are the 5 D’s of dodgeball?

He explains from his wheelchair that the five D’s of dodgeball are: “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.” To make the moment memorable, he dumps out a bag of wrenches and boldly states, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

Why is Patches O Houlihan in a wheelchair?

It’s never stated in the film why he needs the wheelchair other than his advanced age and infirmity. It can be inferred that years of hard living are the primary reason; but it is never explicitly stated in the film.

Who wrote the movie Dodgeball?

Rawson Marshall Thurber , the 32-year old Hollywood phenom who wrote and directed “Dodgeball,” is leading something like the life Mr.

Can you dodge a wrench?

Today, we salute the Average Joes with some of the movie’s best quotes: ” If you can dodge a wrench , you can dodge a ball.” “Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge , duck, dip, dive and dodge .” “L for ‘love.

Is drinking my own urine necessary?

Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine ? Peter LaFleur: Probably not. Patches O’Houlihan: No, but I do it anyway because it’s sterile and I like the taste. White Goodman: Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.

Who is the black guy in Dodgeball?

Chris Williams – Dwight Chris Williams was already an established actor when he took on the part of Dwight in DodgeBall , and he has continued to be a popular comedy star since the film was released.

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Do headshots count in dodgeball?

This is illegal and will result in the ball being turned over to the opposing team). 3. Headshots : To simplify the game, all headshots count . A player is not out from a hit until the thrown ball touches another object or surface.

Is Dodgeball an actual sport?

Dodgeball is a team sport in which players on two teams try to throw balls and hit opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. USA Dodgeball is the governing entity for dodgeball in the United States, with member leagues and clubs across the nation. International dodgeball day is April 27.

Why is dodgeball dangerous?

Dodgeball turns children into human targets, allows for bullying, and is humiliating for some students. Moreover, many students are eliminated from the game early, resulting in limited physical activity during the PE class period.

Is patches O Houlihan real?

Patches O’Houlihan Was Inspired By The “Miracle on Ice” Patches insults his players by saying “it’s like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob.” This was in fact a reference to the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey coach Herb Brooks, who once said “it’s like watching a monkey trying to hump a football.”

How did Patches O Houlihan die?

Dodgeball (2004) The Funny Death: The night before the tournament final, the Average Joe’s Irish trainer, ‘ Patches ‘ O’Houlihan (Rip Torn) is killed by a falling “Luck of the Irish” sign.

Is Keanu Reeves in dodgeball?

Dodgeball : A True Underdog Story Again, Reeves doesn’t get a chance to flex his comedy muscles nearly enough. Ben Stiller gives a comedic masterclass as the movie’s villain, White Goodman, but imagining Reeves in the same role brings such an against-type vibe that I can’t help but smile while thinking of it.

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Is Tony Perkis White Goodman?

White Goodman from Dodgeball is Tony Perkis from Heavyweights (More than just the same actor) This is far more than simply the fact that they were played by the same actor.

Is Dodgeball outlawed?

Some school districts around the country have banned dodgeball . Louisiana almost banned the sport in 2017. According to Fox News, “researchers argue that there is a ‘hidden curriculum’ of dodgeball that reinforces the oppression of those ‘perceived as weaker individuals through the exercise of violence and dominance.

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