I am your father quote

I am your father quote

What is the actual line for Luke I am your father?

The line “Luke, I am your father,” is never said in The Empire Strikes Back. The actual line that Darth Vader speaks is “No, I am your father.” Huh.

What is Darth Vader’s famous line?

“You don’t know the power of the dark side! I must obey my master.” Darth Vader’s internal struggle between the light side and the dark is truly shown in this quote .

Who said I am your father?

” Luke , I Am Your Father.” The Darth Vader reveal quote is probably the most famous line in all the Star Wars films—that iconic moment when Vader tells Luke the truth about his family history.

Why did they change Luke I am your father?

“No, I am your father !” It’s not abysmal, but there will be people who will be lost. So the quote shifted to adopt the context: “ Luke, I am your father !”

Does R2D2 remember Darth Vader?

Originally Answered: Does Darth Vader remember R2D2 ? Of course he does , but he never sees him in the OT. R2 was his nav-doid at Mustafar, after all.

Who was over Darth Vader?

David Prowse, the man behind the Darth Vader mask, dies at 85. Born in Bristol, England, in 1935, Prowse was a competitive weightlifter before he entered show business, winning the British heavyweight lifting championship three years in a row beginning in 1962.

Who killed Darth Vader?

During the battle, Anakin, who had been known as the Sith Lord Darth Vader, was redeemed by Luke and brought balance to the Force. However, the redemption cost Anakin his life, having been mortally wounded by the Emperor, Darth Sidious , while killing his former Master. After his death, Anakin became one with the Force.

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Is Darth Vader a virgin?

According to the Star Wars canon, Anakin Skywalker had no father. This apparent virgin birth is a common element in many hero myths and helped convince many Jedi that Anakin was the Chosen One, fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

What were Darth Vader’s last words?

“Tell your sister you were right” were Anakin’s last words . Vader’s last words were “If you can not be turned to the Dark Side, then perhaps she will.”

Why did Darth Vader say no?

In the original version, Vader was silent, but now he cries out ” No !” reflecting the end of Revenge of the Sith.

Did Darth Vader disappear when he died?

When Anakin died , his body disappeared into the light side of the Force. The light side of the Force had overcome the dark side and Anakin Skywalker had returned. On the forest moon of Endor, Luke burned Vader’s armour. All around the galaxy, everyone celebrated the end of Palpatine and his evil Empire.

Is Luke Skywalker his own father?

In 1980, The Empire Strikes Back revealed that Darth Vader was actually Luke’s father , a twist that has become one of the most famous father -son stories of the century. Luke never loses a hand. Han never gets captured. And Luke never learns that Darth Vader is really his father .

Does Vader know Leia is his daughter?

Vader did not sense the force in Leia because at that time she had no awareness of it herself. During the iconic opening moments of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, Darth Vader has a tense confrontation with Princess Leia , an adversary who, unbeknownst to him, is actually his daughter .

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How did Vader know Luke was his son?

In The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Sidious contacts Darth Vader and tells him that the rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star was indeed the child of Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader knew that Luke was his son because he can sense the force in him and it was a high force count compared to other Jedi !

Did Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia kiss?

While Star Wars: Return of the Jedi revealed that Luke and Leia were actually Darth Vader’s twins, they spent the majority of the trilogy as flirtatious allies. Luke is immediately taken by how beautiful Leia is during A New Hope, and the two get their first and only kiss during Empire Strikes Back.

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