How to quote a reddit comment

How to quote a reddit comment

How do you quote a Reddit post on mobile?

-Smartphone: click reply & then highlight the text & a ” quote ” function should come up.

How do you start a new line in a Reddit comment?

To display a line break in your post, put two spaces at the end of the line , or use a double line break to start a new paragraph.

How do I reply to a specific part of a comment on Reddit?

I just wanna know how that’s done where you see comment on the comment and they’re highlighting a certain part in someone’s comment that’s dim. You mean like that? You just have to highlight the text with your mouse then click the ‘ reply ‘ button. You can also preceed any line with > and it will highlight it.

How do you reply to a comment on Reddit mobile?

Tap “Add a comment ” there. You can also tap ” Reply ” underneath someone else’s comment to reply to that comment . 4. Write out your comment , adding any formatting that you want, and then tap “Send” in the top-right when you’re ready to post.

How do you copy a comment on Reddit mobile?

long press comment . three dot menu. ” copy ” “select and copy ”

Why can’t I comment on Reddit posts?

Reddit seems to have mis detected that you might be a troll :S. Reddit has a cooldown on comments and posts . If you post a few comments , then try it once more, you have to wait some minutes before being able to post again. Some places, you need to have a set amount of karma before being able to post .

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How do you spoiler a comment on Reddit?

you type ” spoiler ” then type the text with spoilers in it and the highlight that text then point and click at the icon in the row at the bottom of the box that looks like a dark circle with an exclamation mark in it, then voila – hidden text! I couldn’t find it so I found an old comment on formatting comment spoilers.

How do you make comments Bold on Reddit?

Reddit Comment Formatting Italics are created using either a single asterisk (*) or single underscore (_). Bold text is created with double asterisks (**) or double underscores (__). Strikethrough text is created using a double tilde ( ~~ ). Superscript text is created using the carot ( ^ ).

How often can you comment on Reddit?

Karma is stored on a per- subreddit basis. If you have low karma in a subreddit , this will trigger a rate-limiting timer which limits you to 1 post / comment per 10 minutes. When you post , you ‘ll get a message telling you ” You ‘re doing that too much.

How do you post something on Reddit?

To share a new post , just head to a subreddit and click, “Create Post ” under the subreddit title and description. There are three main types of posts that you can share on Reddit : Post : Write something and perhaps add some media to go along with it.

What is karma on Reddit?

A user’s karma reflects how much a user has contributed to the Reddit community by an approximate indication of the total votes a user has earned on their submissions (“post karma “) and comments (“comment karma “). When posts or comments get upvoted, that user gains some karma .

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How do you put a picture in a Reddit comment?

How to attach photo on Reddit ? go to click on the blue button at the top. follow one of the four options and click “start upload” once it’s done, you’ll be redirected to your image . copy one of the links on the right and paste it back into a reddit post .

How do I copy text from a Reddit post?

Swipe left over the comment , tap “More”, then ” Copy Text “.

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