Grey’s anatomy my person quote

Grey’s anatomy my person quote

What does you’re my person mean in GREY’s anatomy?

The term “ my person ” originated from the show ” Grey’s Anatomy .” My own personal definition is the person you go to for everything, the person you can’t live without, the person you can’t stay mad at, and the person that supports you in everything that you do. It means you are the person’s go-to.

What episode does Christina say you’re my person?

She’s my person .” — Dr. Cristina Yang – ‘Drowning on Dry Land’ ( Season 3, Episode 16)

When people say you’re my person?

Your “ person ” is, in cheesy, outdated terms, your soul mate. They can be a best friend, a romantic partner, and honestly, the qualities that make them your person are mostly the same either way. This is the person you marry. This is the person who will be your best friend until one of you dies.

Did you say it GREY’s Anatomy quote?

Meredith Grey : Did you say it? I love you . I don’t ever wanna live without you . You changed my life.

Who does Cristina end up with?

Cristina Yang
Spouse Owen Hunt ​ ​ ( m. 2010; div. 2013)​
Significant other Colin Marlow Preston Burke (ex-fiancé)
Religion Jewish

Does Meredith get pregnant?

Meredith discovers she is pregnant and gives birth to a son. The baby has face presentation and is consequently delivered via emergency C-section. While stitching Meredith up, the obstetrician who operated on her is called away to another patient and intern Shane Ross completes the stitching.

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Are Meredith and Christina still friends?

7 Cristina Never Fully Approved Of McDreamy She also gave Meredith some last-minute advice about her marriage before she left in Season 10. It is the strongest kind of friendships that can survive the truth, and their friendship is still going strong today.

Who is Meredith GREY’s best friend?

Meredith Grey’s best friend is Cristina Yang ( Sandra Oh ); Yang becomes jealous of the friendship between Meredith Grey and Harris . Having joined Seattle Grace Hospital as a surgical intern, Harris begins a friendship with fellow intern Lexie Grey ( Chyler Leigh ), Meredith Grey’s sister.

When did Meredith GREY have a miscarriage?

In Season 6’s finale, episode 24, Meredith had a miscarriage from all the stress of the events of the episode, losing her first child with Derek.

How do you say love without saying it?

5 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying “I Love You” “I’m here for you.” “Tell me more.” “You matter so much to me.” “How are you — really?” “I enjoy you!”

How can you tell if someone is a good person?

12 Small Ways To Identify A Good Person They are kind and patient with the salespeople and cashiers at stores. They always tip well. They compliment people when you genuinely admire them. They are honest when you do not reciprocate someone’s feelings. They give onto others as you would have them give onto you. They call their parents.

What is a GREY person?

If you describe someone or something as grey , you think that they are boring and unattractive, and very similar to other things or other people. [disapproval]

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What is the saddest episode of Greys anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy : 5 Sweetest (& Saddest ) Episodes Of Season 1 3 Saddest : If Tomorrow Never Comes. 4 Sweetest: A Hard’s Day Night. 5 Saddest : The Self Destruct Button. 6 Sweetest: Shake Your Groove Thing. 7 Saddest : No Man’s Land. 8 Sweetest: Winning A Battle, Losing The War. 9 Saddest : The First Cut Is The Deepest. 10 Sweetest: The First Cut Is The Deepest.

What episode does Meredith say choose me?

1. Season 2, Episode 5: Meredith Tells Derek, ” Pick Me , Choose Me , Love Me ” Completely disarming McDreamy, Meredith delivers her iconic ” pick me , choose me , love me ” speech, begging Derek to sign his divorce papers and stay with her. She asks him to meet her at Joe’s, and he’s a no-show.

What is the best episode in GREY’s anatomy?

The BEST Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy #1 – Death and All His Friends . Season 6 – Episode 24 – Aired May 20, 2010. #2 – Losing My Religion. Season 2 – Episode 27 – Aired May 15, 2006. #3 – Sanctuary. #4 – Silent All These Years . #5 – Cold as Ice. #6 – Now or Never. #7 – It’s the End of the World . #8 – All of Me.

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