Do you like scary movies quote

Do you like scary movies quote

What is the famous line from scream?

Oh! This is the greatest part you’re gonna love this! Yeah you’re gonna love this one. It’s a scream baby! Hold on a sec, I’ll be right back!

What is your favorite scary movie quote?

Sidney Prescott: I like that thing you’re doing with your voice, Randy. It’s sexy. Phone Voice: What’s your favorite scary movie ?

What does Ghostface say on the phone?

Ghostface : IF YOU HANG UP ON ME YOU’LL DIE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER! Do you wanna die Sidney?

Why do you want to know my name because I want to know who Im looking at?

Casey : [smiling] Why do you want to know my name ? Phone Voice : Because I want to know who I’m looking at .

Would you settle for a PG 13 relationship?

‘ Anthony Perkins – Psycho.” Would you settle for a PG – 13 relationship ? Let’s face it baby, these days, you gotta have a sequel.

Who killed who in Scream?


Action Killer
Steve’s murder Stu Macher
Casey’s window attack Billy Loomis
Casey’s murder Stu Macher
Sidney’s phone call Stu Macher

What are your favorite horror movies?

The 75 Best Horror Movies of All Time The Innocents (1961) and The Others (2001) Carrie (1976) The Babadook (2014) The Witch (2015) Return of the Living Dead (1985) The Orphanage (2007) Saw (2004) 75. Friday the 13th (1980) Nostalgia is great and all, but there’s no way Friday the 13th is “better” than, say, Videodrome.

What are your favorite movies?

Next time you decide to watch a movie you can pick one up from the list without worrying about it being uninteresting or boring. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) The Dark Knight (2008) Inception (2010) Fight Club (1999) Pulp Fiction (1994) Forrest Gump (1994) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

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What is your favorite scary movie Showgirls?

Mickey : [as Ghostface] What’s your favorite scary movie? Randy Meeks: Showgirls. Absolutely frightening.

Is Ghostface a girl?

Ghostface is revealed as Sidney’s half-brother Roman Bridger (Scott Foley), born to their mother Maureen during a two-year period when she moved to Hollywood to become an actress under the name Rina Reynolds.

How does Ghostface kill?

Ghostface often called his victims on the phone, taunting or threatening them before stabbing them to death with an eight inch hunting knife.

What does Ghostface mean?

Ghostface (alternatively stylised as Ghost Face ) is a fictional identity adopted by several characters of the Scream series. The character is used primarily as a disguise for each of the antagonists of each film to conceal their identity, while conducting serial murders and as such has been portrayed by several actors.

Is Scream appropriate for a 10 year old?

great movie, good for teens and mature tweens there was a lot of stabbing (killer uses a knife for a weapon). good for teens and mature tweens.

What is scream phone number?

You are in luck thanks to Gollman’s Just Scream project, a simple yet interesting project wherein you can call the 1-561-567-8431 to scream , wail, or make any other noise you might fancy, then hang up. The project also gives callers the option to listen to screams recorded by others for inspiration.

What is your name Google?

In 1997 what we now know as Google was called Backrub. They decided to change the name to Googol (A googol is very large number: 10^100 to be exact) but when they registered the domain they typed Google !

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