Come out and play movie quote

Come out and play movie quote

What movie has the phrase warriors come out and play?

In his debut role of Luther in the 1979 cult film The Warriors, Kelly screeches the famous line, “Warriorscome out to play- ee -ay!!”, which he improvised while clanging three empty beer bottles together.

What is the movie come out and play about?

Is the Warriors based on a true story?

Remember the New York gangs that overrun the city’s moonlit streets in Walter Hill’s 1979 cult classic The Warriors ? Meet the real -life ‘ Warriors ‘ in Rubble Kings. In the 60s and 70s, New York was a hotbed of crime, with warring gangs at each other’s throats. The Bronx was a battlefield.

Who killed Cyrus in the Warriors?

Luther ( David Patrick Kelley ), the psychotic leader of a gang called the Rogues , has snuck a gun into the gathering. At a high point in the speech, Luther fires at Cyrus, killing him instantly.

CAN YOU DIG IT reference?

When Marshall gets out of his office to a crowd at work, he shouts ” Can you dig it?”, referencing the same phrase from the 1979 film The Warriors, where another crowd went wild at an orator’s words.

Who died in Warriors?

In the original script for the movie, Cleon is killed by the Grammercy Riffs, Cochise is killed by the Baseball Furies, Ajax is caught by the police, Vermin is killed by the Lizzies, and Swan gets kidnapped by the Dingos. This leaves only four Warriors in the battle with the Punks.

Can’t come out to play plot?

Can’t come out to play explained?

Dramatic thriller Can’t Come Out To Play focuses on the socially stunted childhood of a house-bound young boy as he yearns to have a normal life like other kids his age.

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Does Billie Eilish have a Christmas song?

Credit: YouTube. Billie Eilish has shared a Christmas cover in the run-up to the holidays – watch her and Finneas’ rendition of ‘Silver Bells’ below. The performance came as part of iHeartRadio’s 2020 Jingle Ball, where she also performed recent singles ‘My Future’ and ‘Therefore I Am’.

What happens to Tommy at the end of warrior?

Tommy buries his head in Brendan’s chest. A torrent of sobbing gushes from him, years of pain pouring out in heavy bursts. From the crowd, Paddy stares into the cage and watches as Brendan comforts his little brother, then helps him to his feet.

Why did Tommy go AWOL in Warrior?

Tommy’s unstoppable demons (he went AWOL after friendly fire that killed his best friend) and Brendan’s need to save his family from financial disaster lead the brothers to compete in the Sparta tournament, the Super Bowl of winner-take-all fights with a five-million-dollar jackpot.

How many warriors died in the movie?

In the movie script, Fox mentions his real name being Francis Conroy. He is one out of the three Warriors that don’t make it back to Coney, the other two being Cleon and Ajax. He is one out of the three Warriors that dies , the other two being Cleon and Ash. However, unlike Fox, the other two were beaten to death .

Why did you kill Cyrus?

When Cyrus proposed his plan of uniting the gangs of new york to rule the city, Luther killed Cyrus (probably because he didn’t dig it). He later blamed the Warriors and then the movie really started.

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Did Ajax die in the Warriors?

Ajax is a heavy muscle member of the Warriors . He is cocky, loud and always up for a rumble. He was played and voiced by James Remar.

Gang: The Warriors
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Is there warrior cats movie?

The Warriors movie is the working title for the upcoming live action CGI animated movie based on the series.

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