Young frankenstein abby normal quote

Young frankenstein abby normal quote

Who is Abby Normal?

Abby Normal is a Des Moines-based professional cover band, Founders Jana West, Tim West and Dale Rupp started playing rock ‘n’ roll from the 1970s and 1980s in 2011, and they haven’t looked back. The band’s name comes from a scene in the movie, “Young Frankenstein.” Dr.

What is a hump quote?

This line is spoken by Igor, played by Marty Feldman, in the film Young Frankenstein, directed by Mel Brooks (1974). Hey, guess what day it is. For Igor it’s always hump day. He tells Igor, “You know, I’m a rather brilliant surgeon.

Why are you talking like that Young Frankenstein?

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : But they told me it was “ee-gor.” Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : Why are you talking that way? Igor : I thought you wanted to. Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : No, I don’t want to.

What was the name of the Brain in Young Frankenstein?

Frankenstein has begun to suspect that Igor did not, in fact, bring him the brain he’d requested for the dead man he’s brought back to life. Promising to not get angry if Igor confesses to his mistake, he eventually coaxes out the truth: that the brain came from someone named “Abby Normal.”

Would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in?

Frankenstein: Igor, would you mind telling me whose brain I did put in ? Igor: And you won’t be angry? Dr. Frankenstein: I will NOT be angry.

Are you saying I put an abnormal brain?

Frederick Frankenstein: Are you saying that you put an abnormal brain in a 7 foot tall, 54 inch wide GORILLA? Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Wow.

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How tall is Gene Wilder?

Who is Igor?

Igor , or sometimes Ygor, is a stock character, a hunch-backed lab assistant to many types of Gothic villains. Frankenstein has no lab assistant nor an association with a character named Igor in the original 1818 Mary Shelley novel.

When did Madeline Kahn die?

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