Snape after all this time quote

Snape after all this time quote

What does Snape mean when he says always?

” Always ” just implies that Snape still thought about Lily. It implies that he had experienced damnation to protect Harry, so Lily’s penance wouldn’t go futile. He didn’t care for Harry, because he felt that he was pretty much as irritating and vain as James. Snape’s patronus was a doe because he adored Lily.

Why do Snape and Lily both say always?

Simply put, Dumbledore asked him if he still loved Lily , “after all this time”. Replying to this Snape said he always loved her, in short, “ Always ”. That meant, Snape was still in love with Lily , even after so many years of her death, i.e. after all this time. And Snape replies, Always .

Which page does Snape say always?

“after all this time?” ” Always ” Page 687 | Harry potter tattoos, Harry potter severus snape , Always harry potter.

Why does Dumbledore say please to Snape?

Snape was Dumbledore’s double agent from the beginning and the plan was for Snape to kill Dumbledore (who was dying anyway) to prove his loyalty to Voldemort, which would result in him getting closer. When the time came for Snape to actually kill Dumbledore he hesitated, which is why Dumbledore pleaded with him.

Is Hermione Voldemort’s daughter?

Is Hermione Voldemort’s Daughter ? No. Plus, Hermione Granger has parents and Rowling clearly established both her heritage (she is Muggle-born, unlike Voldemort ) and her family.

Why did Snape call Lily a Mudblood?

Snape called Lily a mudblood because he was angry and frustrated. He wanted to show that he could take care of himself and that he doesn’t need the help of a girl. He didn’t want to show people or let them think he was weak.

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Why did Lily say always?

Harry asks, “Will you stay with me?” Lily says , “ Always .” Is this a reference to Snape? No. It is a reference to a mothers love for her son. She will always be with Harry until he joins her in death.

Did Lily like Snape?

Despite the ending of their friendship, Snape still loved Lily . The deep, unrequited love Snape held for Lily for almost all of his life also influenced his Patronus, which took the form of a silver doe – the same as hers, caused him to spy on Voldemort for Albus Dumbledore.

Did Lily know Snape loved her?

Unlikely. Lily and Snape were childhood friends, and had been friends up until they got to Hogwarts when Snape “fell in with the wrong crowd. In Deathly Hallows, when Harry approached the Pensieve, he was grief-stricken and broken by battle.

Is Snape good or evil?

Snape is evil: He’s a Death Eater, he has a longstanding grudge against Harry’s father, he’s been nothing but nasty to the boy since his arrival, and he’s generally an unpleasant fellow to be around. Oh, and by the way, he killed Dumbledore !

Is McGonagall stronger than Snape?

All in all, Snape is highly talented with dark magic, McGonagall doesn’t have any significant specialty in Defense Against the Dark Arts. His magic and talents, as well as feats, are far more combat oriented, so I think he wins without an issue. Snape because of legilimency.

Does Snape love Harry?

Now, as firmly established, Snape was not the greatest fan of Harry , but that didn’t mean that he ever stopped loving Lily. Dumbledore was surprised that Snape seemed to care for the boy. With a swish of his wand, Snape conjured up a Patronus) – Lily’s Patronus, a doe. ‘Always,’ he said.

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Why did Snape ask Dumbledore not to kill him?

Snape said “Don’t kill me” because at that point he was a Death Eater, while Dumbledore was the leader of the Order of the Phoenix. Later on, of course, Snape turned to Dumbledore’s side and became a member of the Order himself, and a spy in Voldemort’s ranks.

What were Dumbledores last words?

In May 1998, after Harry viewed Severus Snape’s memories and realised that he was meant to let Lord Voldemort strike him with the Killing Curse, he spoke the words “I am about to die” to the Snitch.

Did Dumbledore know that Snape would kill him?

After hearing this news, Dumbledore revealed to Snape that he knew about Voldemort’s plan to have Draco kill him . He also intended for Snape to be the one to kill him and for the Elder Wand to be buried with him , in order to prevent the wand from being passed on again.

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