Rafiki quote about the past

Rafiki quote about the past

Can’t cut it out it grow right back?

Rafiki : Can’t cut it out . It will grow right back .

What did Rafiki say?

During the film, Rafiki sings a nonsense chant: “Asante sana, squash banana, wewe nugu, mimi hapana.” This is a Swahili playground rhyme which translates to “Thank you very much (squash banana), you’re a baboon and I’m not!” Like “hakuna matata” (no worries), the chant was heard by the filmmakers on their research trip

Why did Rafiki hits Simba?

Simba was overloaded with guilt from the role he felt he played in his father’s death. He couldn’t handle and as a result ran away from his problems and responsibilities allowing Pride Rock to be overrun by Scar and his hyenas. Simba says how he’s scared of change and then Rafiki hits Simba in the head.

What does Rafiki say to Simba about the past?

When Simba asks “What was that for?!”, Rafiki tells him “It doesn’t matter; it’s in the past ”. He continues to say : The past can hurt. But the way I see it: you can run from it, or learn from it.

What does Rafiki say in Xhosa?

(at around 1h 3 mins) The song that Rafiki sings, “Asante sana, squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana” is often said to be Swahili for “Thank you very much, squash banana, you’re a baboon and I’m not.” However, the Swahili word for baboon, nyani, is not part of the song.

What is Rafiki saying in The Lion King 2019?

During this scene, Rafiki incessantly repeats the Swahili phrase “Asante Sana, squash banana, we we nugu, mi mi apana,” which roughly translates to “Thank you very much, squash banana, you are a baboon, and I am not.” When Simba decides to return to Pride Rock and fight Scar for the kingship, Rafiki accompanies him,

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Is Timon a girl?

Timon and Pumbaa
Species Timon : Meerkat Pumbaa: Warthog
Gender Male (both)

What does Zazu mean in Swahili?

Sarabi- “Mirage” Nala- “Gift” Rafiki- “Friend” Zazu – “Movement” Timon- “He who respects” “Honor”

How did Rafiki know Simba was alive?

So Simba lay down due to depression and I guess his smell and scent (and maybe hairs) were in the plants and flowers which presumably Mufasa’s spirit carried to Rafiki’s magic tree. Rafiki’s sniffs said flowers and somehow he is able to magically confirm that Simba is still out there in the flesh.

Does Zazu die in The Lion King?

During the wildebeest stampede engineered by Scar and his minions to kill both his brother and nephew, it is Zazu who leads Mufasa to Simba. As he watches the stampede, he wants to go back for help, but is struck by Scar into a wall and rendered unconscious.

Did Rafiki name Simba?

Simba too, is a very literal translation, it’s simply the Swahili word for lion. Oh, and did you know Rafiki means “friend” in Swahili?

Who is Nala’s dad?

What does Rafiki teach Simba?

Furthermore, Rafiki teaches Simba that even though Mufasa is dead, he still lives within Simba during the scene at the water hole. This could be looked at as a form of reincarnation which is also a belief of Hinduism. Rafiki is a collage of many different angles of religion.

How did Scar kill Mufasa?

Mufasa manages to save his son and ends up clinging to a cliff where he spots Scar and pleads with his brother to help him. However, Scar instead pierces Mufasa’s paws with his claws and, grinning wickedly, throws his brother off the cliff to his death with the taunting words, “Long live the king”.

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What is the famous line from The Lion King?

“You got to put your behind in your past.” “Oh yes, the past can hurt.” “I laugh in the face of danger.” “What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?!”

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