Pray for the best prepare for the worst quote

Pray for the best prepare for the worst quote

What is the saying prepare for the worst?

“The problem with preparing for the worst is that that has the power to attract the worst .” “They who always expect the worst are almost always pleasantly surprised.” “The unwise hope for the best … and prepare for only the best.”

What is the meaning of hope for the best but prepare for the worst?

be optimistic but ready for hard times as well. keep optimistic outlook but be ready for adversity. to expect for the best result all the while being prepared with options in case it is the worst one possible.

What is the saying hope for the best?

: to hope that things will turn out as well as possible All we can do is hope for the best .

Is it prepare for the worse or worst?

” worse ” is a comparative; “for the worse ” refers to a situation that is worse than another. ” worst ” is a superlative, so “for the worst ” refers to a situation that is the worst possible. I think “for the worse ” is the usual idiom. For example, “things have taken a turn for the worse ” (i.e. worse than they were before).

What do you call someone who prepares for the worst?

Survivalism is a social movement of individuals or groups ( called survivalists or preppers) who actively prepare for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international.

Who said hope for the best plan for the worst?

Quote by Maya Angelou : “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, an”

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What Does It Mean Better late than never?

It is better to do something after it was supposed to have been done than not to do it at all.

What does the word hopefully mean?

1 : in a way that expresses desire with an expectation of fulfillment : in a hopeful manner gazed up at us hopefully . 2 : it is hoped : I hope : we hope hopefully the rain will end soon.

What is mean by hopes?

1 : to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true hopes for a promotion hoping for the best I hope so. 2 archaic : trust. transitive verb. 1 : to desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment I hope she remembers. hopes to be invited.

How do you respond to hoping for the best?

When someone says ‘I hope all is well with you’, this a respectful sign showing genuine care and regard. In this case it would be best to reciprocate what the other person has said, to show that you accept their sentiments. You could reply by saying, ‘I hope all is well with you too, thank you for asking! ‘.

What can I say instead of hope you are well?

5 Better Alternatives to “I Hope This Email Finds You Well ” 1 Nothing at all. 2 Something personal. 3 “I know you ‘re swamped, so I’ll be brief.” 4 “ We met at ______.” 5 A bit of small talk.

What can you say instead of i hope?

2 Answers. Trust is a good alternative as it either: places the imperative on the person being addressed (I hope you will answer my question vs I trust you will answer my question), or. indicates a level of respect for the person being addressed.

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Which is worse or which is worst?

Worse describes something that is of lower quality than something else. It is used to compare two things with each other. Worst describes something that is of the lowest quality of a group of three of more things.

How do you use worse and worst?

” Worse ” vs. ” worst “. What is the difference? Worse and worst are the comparative and superlative forms of the adjective bad. Worse should be used to compare two things. These can be objects, places, people, ideas, etc. Worst should be used to state that one thing is inferior to multiple other things. e.g. I think French food is the worst food in Europe.

Do your worst meaning?

phrase [VERB inflects] If someone does their worst , they do everything unpleasant that they can possibly do . You can say ‘ do your worst ‘ to show someone that you are not frightened of what they may do .

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