Peace was never an option quote

Peace was never an option quote

What Does Peace was never an option mean?

Meaning . Participants of online multiplayer games often use this meme to explain why they attack their teammates. Whenever someone tells you that they were not expecting combative behavior, you can always explain that Peace Was Never an Option .

What game is Peace was never an option? Goose Game Peace Was Never An Option Pullover Hoodie: Clothing.

Was never an option meaning?

But if something truly is not one of the possible choices, the phrase is often something is not one of the options. The phrase something is not an option is often idiomatic, where the something actually could be the outcome, but it is seen as something that should not be considered a wise or desirable choice.

Who said peace was never an option?

Peace Was Never an Option is a popular quote from the fictional X-Men character Magneto , also known as Eric Lehnsherr from the motion picture; X-Men: First Class.

Is an option meaning?

An option is something that you can choose to do in preference to one or more alternatives. In business, an option is an agreement or contract that gives someone the right to buy or sell something such as property or shares at a future date.

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