Path of least resistance quote

Path of least resistance quote

Who said the path of least resistance?

Almost two and half decades before James Clear, this concept was brilliantly articulated by Robert Fritz wrote in his thought provoking book “The Path of Least Resistance”. Fritz highlights three important insights. The first is this: You are like a river.

What is the path of least resistance?

The path of least resistance is the physical or metaphorical pathway that provides the least resistance to forward motion by a given object or entity, among a set of alternative paths .

What is the path of least resistance sociology?

The ” path of least resistance ” is the path that follows the social norms/values of a society, not opposing them. Eg. at one time segregation was the norm ( path of least resistance ) and social reformers were opposing these norms. • The path of least resistance affects how we think, feel, and behave.

What is the path of least resistance Abraham Hicks?

Following the path of least resistance simply means that you prioritize feeling good over anything else that happens. You have to train your logical mind to stop thinking about potential problems, obstacles, or worries, and instead focus on the joy that is already around you.

What path does water take?

Water leaves the body in four main ways: through the kidneys, skin, large intestine, and mouth. The most high-profile exit strategy of water is through the kidneys via urine. Kidneys use water to filter toxins out of the body, but when the kidney has used as much as it needs; it gets rid of the rest through urine.

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How does electricity choose the path of least resistance?

Contrary to popular belief, electricity takes all paths available — in inverse proportion to the impedance of the paths . The lower the impedance (assuming voltage remains constant), the greater the current.

How does electricity know the path of least resistance?

It is just that the current through a resistor is expressed as I = V/R, so where there is a higher resistance there will be a lower current. The electricity is not making a choice, nor is it simply flowing one way instead of the other.

Why does electricity take the shortest path?

Electricity , or in this case, electrical energy, moves around a circuit at close to the speed of light because electricity is carried through/via an electric field. Those fields move at the speed of light. It will ‘try’ every path , but ‘send’ the most energy through the easiest path .

How do you let go of resistance?

Here are a five helpful ways to deal with resistance : Be honest with yourself. Be clear on how you participate in the reality you continue to experience. Stay out of self-judgment. Do what you can do something about. Focus on something else. Look for stories that help you change your expectations.

How do you get rid of resistance?

1. Become aware. Become aware. The problem usually is that we don’t think about Resistance . Combat this by realizing that you are facing Resistance . Once you become aware of it, you can fight it, and beat it. Be very clear, and focus. Clear away distractions. Have a set time and place. Know your motivation. Just start.

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