I burn my candle at both ends quote

I burn my candle at both ends quote

What Does My candle burns at both ends mean?

burn the candle at both ends is an idiom meaning to exhaust oneself, esp by being up late and getting up early to work; to work extremely or excessively hard; to work too hard for good health or peace of mind.

Who Said My candle burns at both ends?

Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay: “ My candle burns at both ends ; It will not last ”

What is the meaning of the following line from First Fig My candle burns at both ends?

‘ First Fig ‘ uses the metaphor of burning a candle at both ends to describe a person living life in the fast lane. The speaker doesn’t apologize for her choices. Instead she addresses her enemies and her friends and tells them that she makes a ‘lovely light.

When did EDNA ST milcent die?

Millay died at her home on October 19, 1950 . She had fallen down stairs and was found approximately eight hours after her death.

What does a burning candle tattoo mean?

Most commonly, the candle is a symbol of religion and spirituality. Candles are commonly used in the church and for several religious ceremonies. The candle can represent light over dark, good over evil. The candle tattoo can represent light in your life that carries honor and wisdom through dark times.

What does it mean to burn midnight oil?

burn the midnight oil . Stay up late working or studying, as in The semester is almost over and we’re all burning the midnight oil before exams. This expression alludes to the oil in oil lamps. [

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What does the candle possibly symbolize in first fig?

Summary of First Fig In the four lines of ‘ First Fig ,’ the poet creates an extended metaphor with the image of a candle burning at both ends. The candle , which comes to represent everything from sex to literature, works to depict Millay’s well-lived life.

What lips these lips have kissed and where and why?

In “What my lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why ,” the speaker reflects on her previous lovers, all of whom she has forgotten. She mourns not the loss of these lovers themselves, but rather the loss of her memories of them . Other love poems might more commonly grieve an unrequited love or the death of a lover.

Who wrote first fig?

Throughout much of her career, Pulitzer Prize-winner Edna St. Vincent Millay was one of the most successful and respected poets in America. She is noted for both her dramatic works, including Aria da capo, The Lamp and the Bell, and the libretto composed for an

When was first fig written?

It gives a lovely light! Published in 1920.

Where did Edna St Vincent Millay live?

What did Millay represent?

As a humorist and satirist, Millay expressed in Figs the postwar feelings of young people, their rebellion against tradition, and their mood of freedom symbolized for many women by bobbed hair.

Where you used to be there is a hole in the world?

“ Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world , which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.”

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What kind of poem is I being born a woman and distressed?

Vincent Millay. ‘I, Being born a Woman and Distressed ,’ also known as Sonnet XLI, by Edna St. Vincent Millay is a Petrarchan, or Italian sonnet, that is divided into one set of eight lines, or octave, and one set of six lines, or sestet.

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