Hey you guys movie quote

Hey you guys movie quote

What is the saying hey you guys from?

Infamous scene and quote from the movie “The Goonies”!

Who used to say hey you guys?

Rita Moreno’s famous “Hey You Guys!” catchphrase kicks off the spiffy new opening from the 1972-73 season, this time featuring The Short Circus and clips of various other characters.

Who said hey you guys in Goonies?

Sloth : Hey , you guys !

What does Sloth from The Goonies say?

Here are my five favorite Sloth quotes: “Mama, you’ve been bad.” “Hey, you guys!” “Rocky Road?

What’s the monster’s name from Goonies?

John Matuszak played Sloth in the 1985 film, “The Goonies .”

Who saved the Goonies?

Setting out to find a way of saving their homes, The Goonies find a treasure map and they set off in search for the treasure of the legendary pirate One-Eyed Willy which is located beneath a abandoned restaurant.

What is the truffle shuffle?

‘Chunk’, played by child actor Jeff Cohen (now an entertainment attorney in the US), is told he cannot come into the house until he performs “the truffle shuffle “, which involves showing his belly whilst shaking himself around.

When did The Goonies come out?

Who played sloth?

What was wrong with sloth?

Matuszak died of a drug overdose in June 1989, with fatal amounts of prescription drug propoxyphene found in his bloodstream, along with trace elements of cocaine and Tylenol. An enlarged heart turned out to be his undoing; an ironic death.

What does chunk say when sloth kisses him?

Chunk : [after Sloth kisses him ] Man! You smell like Phys Ed!

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Which one of the Goonies died?

John Matuszak (Sloth) Matuszak died in June 1989 at age 38 after suffering an accidental drug overdose.

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