Fullmetal alchemist human transmutation quote

Fullmetal alchemist human transmutation quote

How do you make a human in Fullmetal Alchemist?

It has been stated that, broken down to its barest components, the average adult human body is comprised of Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and fifteen traces of other elements.

What is the first rule of alchemy?

Alphonse ( Introduction , episodes 2-41): Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange.

Who is the best alchemist in Fullmetal Alchemist?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: The 15 Most Powerful Alchemists, Ranked 1 Father. 2 Van Hohenheim. 3 Tim Marcoh. 4 Roy Mustang . 5 Izumi Curtis . 6 Scar. 7 Edward Elric . 8 Alex Louis Armstrong.

Is FMA or FMAB better?

FMA is a good series no doubt, but the ending is so abrupt ,it leaves you craving for more. FMAB ,on the other hand, has the better ( and pleasing) ending, with a completion on the storyline for all the characters. 2. FMA is slower yet shorter series, but FMAB is faster but more comprehensive and entertaining.

Is human transmutation possible?

The monster that was then created was found out to not even be their mom, but some other poor soul that was thrown into the body they created. So human transmutation is possible , it was never impossible, but is forbidden and tabboo for a reason. Human transmutation is possible – reviving dead people isn’t.

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Is human transmutation real?

WARNING: Although human transmutation is possible, doing so is very illegal and dangerous!

Does alchemy exist?

Alchemy was the practice of transmutting one substance into another, or of creating one thing from the combining of other elements. Most famously, this was a quest for turning common metals into gold. If we define gold as a yellow, soft metal, then yes, alchemy really ” existed ” and some alchemists were even successful.

Is Alchemy a real science?

While it’s true that alchemy itself hasn’t survived scrutiny by modern science , it did play some role in the creation of modern scientific methods. Even though gold can’t be created out of other substances, it can be extracted from a variety of substances. This, of course, isn’t alchemy .

Can you do alchemy in real life?

A great Real Life example of Alchemy today is Herbal Medicine. Laboratory Alchemy , the physical practice of Alchemy . Despite popular belief, Alchemy has very little to do with Chemistry, and much more to do with Herbology, Meditation, and Chakral Development.

Who is stronger Edward or Alphonse?

Despite being the younger Elric brother, Alphonse has a much stronger ability to control his emotions and keep himself composed. Although Edward similarly shares a lack of fear in the face of danger, Ed takes things a step too far by allowing others to provoke him and get under his skin.

Is Roy Mustang stronger than Edward Elric?

1 Roy Mustang The Flame Alchemist was arguably the third most important character in the series—after Edward and Alphonse Elric —but he was also the most powerful in terms of strength.

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Is Hohenheim stronger than Father?

Hohenheim and Father started out with the same amount of power in their Stones: half the population of Xerxes. Hohenheim on the other hand has been using bits of his Stone to set up that country-wide reverse circle, so he’s probably weaker than he started out, though still extremely strong .

Should I watch FMA or FMAB first?

Watch FMA , then Brotherhood. FMA goes anime original about halfway through, and Brotherhood sticks to the manga the whole way through. The parts that they have in common, I think FMA does better.

Why is Fullmetal Alchemist so good?

I like it because it has an interesting story and cool animation. Also, there’s clearly a reason it’s one of the best anime of all time. Also the villains are often not obvious at the beginning which is always nice . Also at least in brotherhood we get to see different parts of amestris.

Should I watch FMA before FMAB?

To enjoy the franchise to the utmost it is recommended but definitely not close to being required to watch fma first. This will allow you to enjoy both series to the fullest. If you watch FMA after Brotherhood, you aren’t likely to enjoy it as much as if it was your first time since its more dated and less compact.

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