Always bet on black quote

Always bet on black quote

Who said always bet on black?

Wesley Snipes delivers one of the cheesiest lines in movie history in “Passenger 57” Ever play roulette? Always bet on black!

Is passenger 57 a true story?

The film was based on a script by Stewart Raffill. It was written as an action film for a guy like Clint Eastwood, about a man going to bury his son in Spain who sat next to an Iranian terrorist on the plane. The terrorist hijacks the plane and takes the passengers to Iran.

How old was Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57?

Wesley Snipes was 29 in Passenger 57 when he played the character ‘John Cutter’.

Who directed Passenger 57?

What does bet on black mean?

It’s also worth noting that BET is an acronym for Black Entertainment Television. Pioneered by Robert L. Johnson, the BET cable network premiered in the 1980 and has been a major influence in black music, news, comedy, and culture ever since.

What movie did Wesley Snipes say Always bet on black?

Chuck says, “Always bet on black – Wesley Snipes, ‘ Passenger 57 .

Does Netflix have passenger 57?

Air marshal John Cutter must stop notorious terrorist Charles Rane from killing hostages on board a flight that should have delivered Rane to jail. Watch all you want.

What’s happened to Wesley Snipes?

In 2008, he was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $5m for wilful failure to file $15m worth of federal income tax returns. Snipes lost his appeal against conviction and in December 2010 he was jailed. After serving two and a half years, he was released in 2013.

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What is the movie Passenger 57 about?

How much is Wesley Snipes worth?

Wesley Snipes Net Worth and Salary: Wesley Snipes is an American actor, film producer and martial artist who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Did Wesley Snipes do his own stunts?

Snipes is not only an actor, but a practitioner of martial arts who’s performed his own stunts . His one-liners and general badassery in the Blade films immortalized him as the character.

What year was passenger 57?

How old is Bruce Payne?

How old is Wesley Snipes now?

How tall is Wesley Snipes?

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